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In the Domain of the Temporal Being


In a raging, hostile universe seemingly devoid of life, at exactly the right distance from the sun, spins a fertile cerulean orb. Just a minute dot in the midst of all things, this is a place abounding in complex living systems and a multitude of ever-evolving spaces. It is a place governed by the passing of time; one of birth, growth and development, but also one of impermanence, decline and decay. It is here that the Temporal Being prevails, his kind having conquered and dominated this world centuries before he was conceived.


A powerful brain and tenacious spirit together with a deep understanding of science and the ability to develop extraordinary technology has allowed him to fathom and reshape all corners of his domain. But his remarkable brain has also equipped him with an inquisitive mind that is not only quick to learn but which also constantly questions the world around it. Over the years he begins to wonder why things are the way they are. Though he has learnt to manipulate much of his life, there are certain things beyond his control. He will grow strong and healthy, but he will also suffer sickness and adversity. He will learn to thrive, but he will also endure great losses. Arguably the greatest confrontation he must face is the realisation of his own mortality. He is constantly running out of time, and being of flesh and blood, as sure as he is born, he too will someday cease to be.


Overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and despair, the Temporal Being asks himself the question of all questions: “Why am I here?”

Who is this curious presence in the middle of infinite space that contemplates the absurdity of his own existence? Who is this mortal who calls himself “man”?

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